What to Expect during your first visit and return visits

Our initial consultation will take about 90 minutes. We'll take the time to go over your medical history in detail, making sure to talk about all areas of your health. I'll ask you a lot of questions, and you can feel comfortable sharing anything that may seem relevant to your wellbeing.

Next, I'll examine your pulses and your tongue—two very important indicators in Chinese Medicine.

Together, we'll develop an optimal treatment plan that seems achievable for you. This plan may include acupuncture, herbal medicine, massage, diet changes, meditation suggestions, exercise, or other natural therapies.

Although some people are initially shy about needles, it's important to know that the needles we use in acupuncture are small. In fact, thirteen acupuncture needles fit inside a typical hypodermic needle. In line with the classical style, I use a conservative number of needles.

The number and length of treatments will depend on your individual condition and needs and, of course, on your response to the treatments. Return treatments are usually about 60 to 75 minutes. In general, conditions that are more chronic and that you have been suffering longer will take longer to treat. My aim is to provide you with lasting, authentic health and balance.

Like the sun which emits countless rays, compassion is the source of all inner growth and positive action. Its power can transform ourselves and others so that our lives become radiant and light.

- Green Tara